Coach Advisor

ESAC Qualifications for WABR Coach Advisor (CA)

  • Is a WABA Registered Watsu 3 Instructor
  • Has been a Senior Watsu Instructor for a minimum of4 years.
  • Has been an SI for a minimum of4 instructors-in-training and previous co-teacher
  • During the last three years has taught a minimum of 5 Watsu classes each year with a minimum of 30 total students.
  • Continues to exemplify the excellent communication skills and ethical standards expected of an S1
  • Is able to assess someone whose teaching style is different from the CA
  • Submits evaluations from all instructors-in-training
  • Letter of request sent to ESAC


Coach Advisor (CA) Implementation

  • CA will be paid his/her usual instructor fee
  • Class size minimum (4-6) students
  • CA and a previous co-teacher will communicate during the course and prior to the completion of the course.
  • CA will have a three-way communication with instructor-in-training
  • CA will complete an evaluation of instructor-in-training and review it with this person prior to sending the evaluation to ITC
  • Instructor-in-training will complete an evaluation of the CA and review it with CA prior to sending the evaluation to ITC
  • ITC submits application for the instructor-in-training in a timely manner to ESAC for final approval
  • Current CAs available are: Cameron West, Peggy Schoedinger, Mary Theri Thomas, Linda de Lehman,
  • Minakshi, Gianni De Stefani, Helen Schulz, Batia Siegel, Basia Szpak (in Europe only).