Historical Aquatic Bodyworks


WATSU® is the abbreviation for “Water Shiatsu” and is the world’s first form of Aquatic Bodywork. It is a deep relaxation technique based on zen shiatsu and developed since the 1980s by the poet Harold Dull.

Water Dance

WATA is the abbreviation of the German “WasserTanzen” (Water Dance). WATA is a technique in which the receiver (wearing a nose clip) is gradually guided underwater in three-dimensional gravity.

Healing Dance®

Healing Dance is a holistic, aquatic technique developed by Alexander George in 1993. It consists of ten pieces of training. In seven of these, techniques are taught in which the receiver remains on the surface of the water.


Oceanic Bodywork is a technique that proposes 3 very gentle but extremely effective methods of body treatments, one on land, another in water and the latest one inspired by the air. These methods were developed in the late 80’s by Nirvano Martina Schulz and Kaya Femerling.


“Jahara® is based in awareness of body mechanics and the Gentle Power of Water™. It was created and developed in California in 1995 by Mario Jahara. The Jahara Global Team™ mission is to teach and develop the method true to its essence and philosophy.”