Media Guidelines

WABA Board Guidelines about contents of post on Media, May 21.2021

In application of art. 2a) of the WABA Statutes and WABA code of ethics, the Board issues the following mandatory suggestions on how to publish posts in the international or local media both social media and print media in relation to Watsu TM and the other ABs belonging to the umbrella association:

  1. Each publication must avoid the possible combination of Watsu or other AB with writings or other material (i.e., photos) that are of an explicitly sexual nature. The one exception is allowed in the teaching materials that define ways of managing sexual energy during the practice of body work and eventually in the title of such kind of specific courses (for example Watsu® and sexuality).
  1. B. 1. On the WABA official social Media, (this does not apply to your personal or local TI social media) posts must avoid any kind of linking with geo-political situations or political ideology. We ask that your religious and spiritual beliefs be kept separate from your posting on WABA official social med

Political or Religious beliefs or political or religious leaders should not be promoted under the name of Watsu®. The only exception admitted is to refer to the wish to find a compassionate solution for situations of local or international conflicts, without mentioning the involved parties.

B.2. Personal opinions or suggestions or references about A. and B. may expressed strictly on local TI or Instructors/assistants/practitioners personal medias. Even in this case, please try to take care about the very clear neutral and laic position of Watsu TM and WABA and avoid combining suggestions of a sexual nature with information about Watsu®.