Mission of the Water Family (2018)

Our mission as a Water Family is to help

• make the benefits of both giving and receiving Aquatic Bodywork available to everybody
• realize its potential to heal both specific conditions and wounds of separation
• build a community that cuts across all borders, a true Worldwide Water Family.

As Water Family members we measure our behavior on how it helps further our common goal and how it is based on universal principles and the respect due each individual. We welcome the opportunity Aquatic Bodywork provides us to manifest that respect in ‘being’ with instead of ‘doing’ to another. We realize our ‘intentionless’ state is necessary for Aquatic Bodywork to fully realize its healing potential. We recognize that our own growth is intimately tied to our realizing that state and truly being with others. For the benefit of those in our arms, for our own growth and for our whole Water Family, we will seek to be aware of, and curb, any tendencies we might have to intrude intention into what we share with others.

We realize that intention can come in many forms. One of its most inappropriate forms in our work would be any kind of sexual intention. We recognize and respect the boundaries of each person in our arms and never touch anyone inappropriately nor use Aquatic Bodywork as a mating dance or tool of seduction. We acknowledge that our role is that of a facilitator and that ‘not doing’ includes not presenting ourselves as a ‘healer’, or as a ‘mother’ or any other role that could create dependency. We will avoid attachment and help our clients realize that whatever ‘love’ or ‘oneness’ they feel during or after a session is universal and not personal. We will not force anyone into or under the water. We will not impose opinions, prejudices, quasi-medical, new age or past life diagnosis, or personal preferences of any kind, nor take advantage in any way of the bonding achieved. We will maintain a level of integrity that is true to ourselves, our clients and the mission of Aquatic Bodywork.

We end each session allowing our partner to enjoy and be in their own space in silence. We will not impose upon them any need we might have for feedback or recognition, etc., but we will still be nearby, without touching, until it is clear they have nothing further they need to share with us. We realize wide ranges of emotions are often released and experienced in the course of Aquatic Bodywork. We provide a safe environment for a client to experience these emotions. We are willing to discuss these feelings when the client and we agree it is appropriate, and when the feelings are not of a depth or intensity that might require professional counseling. We understand and protect the confidentiality of such communications. We assist our clients in obtaining professional help for all important aspects of their physical or emotional and mental well-being insofar as they are made known to us, directing the client to other well-qualified professionals when the problem falls outside of the boundaries of our own competence.

In addition to the above principles guiding our behaviour with those who come into our arms to receive Aquatic Bodywork, we realize that achieving our Water Family goals is also dependant on the quality of our relationships with other members of our family. We will seek unity, fairness and community in those relationships. We also understand that achieving those goals is dependent on our behaving in a way that does not prejudice the public against our work.

We understand that some of the above principals require fine-tuning and interpretations to fit them to specific situations and the mores of different countries, etc., and that this interpretation is a continuing process. We will participate to the best of our ability in that process and help committees, etc. fine-tune the above principals. We will keep informed of any such fine-tuning. If a committee of our peers determines we have behaved unethically we will modify our behaviour and accept whatever consequences that committee determines. We realize that having a place on the Worldwide Registry is dependent on our behaving ethically