WABA Fees 2023

WABR Registry and WABA association 2023 fees remain the same as in 2022.

Practitioners, that have taken a hiatus from activities and membership, can update their status by paying dues  (25$) for the last year and the present year (25$).

The Welcome back to old specific members is extended for another year through a fee hiatus if prior members want to join WABA again (Assistants-25$, Instructors-100$ and TI-50$ to 150$).

Continuous education requirements must also be fulfilled before they are valid reinstated.

A member who registers for the first time after the 1st of September of the current calendar year will pay only once the membership fee for the current and for the following calendar year.

If practitioners or assistants renew through the local TI account, the amount for renewal remains 20 USD.