WABA Values Draft 22-5-21


Practice attentive and active listening; tracking (Selwa Said heart-aware approach).

Exercise patience to hear people out.

Deal with difficult people by making non-judgmental impact statements.

Validate rather than intrude.

Demonstrate respect for all students in tone of voice and amp; body language.

Look for solutions that satisfy all parties.

Reinforce respectful interaction among students.


WABA institutional bodies follows a group decision-making process, whereby members develop and agree to support decisions in the best interest of the whole.

WABA institutional bodies contribute to an atmosphere of collegiality. They are dedicated to professional excellence; communicating with civility, respect, friendly tone, and mutual support; transparent, with openness, clarity, and accountability; and inclusive, welcoming and respecting all Members, with diverse talents and perspectives.

Adult Learning:
Understand and apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Apply adult learning principles in teaching.
Design learning experiences to touch on all learning styles.

Philosophy of Teaching:
WABA institutional bodies embraces core values articulated in the WABA Philosophy of Teaching document; promoting a culture of respect, compassion, and integrity; building a supportive and joyful learning environment; ensuring rigorous educational standards; providing for exceptions and creative solutions; recognizing the importance of diversity; encouraging freedom, creativity, and self motivation; and providing for alternative learning pathways.