WRT Water Release Therapy®

WRT Water Release Therapy® is about the inward journey on the Earth plane and is one of the most profound therapeutic Healing modalities of our time. This Aquatic Art, developed by Diane Feingold, is the unique inquiry and unfolding design for each person, for each session, from moment to moment. Diane and Team at WRT […]

Myofascial Release in Water

Waters Zero Gravity conditions give an extraordinary opportunity for both assessment and therapy. Myofascial Release in Water will explain how and why.


WOGA® WATER YOGA WOGA® (an acronym for Water and Yoga) is where our body meets the liquid element and our physical structure softens by the contact of water.

CST Craniosacral Therapy in Water™

Cranio-Sacral Therapy in Water™ or CST in Water™ is a therapeutic concept designed to balance the craniosacral rhythm and release the restrictions of the connective tissue throughout the body, taking advantage of the thermal and mechanical properties of the aquatic environment.

Amnion® Aquatics

Amnion® a warm water modality, is a blend of prenatal somatic therapy, attachment theory and cranial sacral unwinding. The water, acting like an amnion, allows for a direct channel to implicit memory. “Implicit memories are those we don’t consciously recall; they exist just below the level of conscious awareness and are difficult to identify…” (Siegel, […]

Aquatic Integration Institute (Aii)

Aquatic Integration Institute (Aii), an association of practitioners, therapists and educators, offering individual sessions, continuing education, and certification in the field of Aquatic Bodywork.